Wegmans Continues it’s Expansion in the Boston Market

Wegmans recently opened it’s second store in this region located in Chestnut Hill. The store is an 82,000 sq. ft. supermarket that includes a second level, which is a 11,000 sq. ft. wine shop. The Grand Opening was in April of this year.

The supermarket is located in the ground floor of a five-story building which made the installation extremely challenging. This store had one of the most complex electrical systems that we have furnished and installed in a supermarket. It included power walls, motor control systems, specialty lighting, security, surveillance, fire alarms and point of sales infrastructure. The project took just ten months and 24,000 man hours to complete.

The project was a well organized and tightly scheduled coordination effort by Wegmans own construction management team. This allowed Florence to overcome many obstacles with ease.

The photo (right) show a cable tray, busduct, raceways and lighting. This open concept store required the field forces to take aesthetics into account with all mechanical installations.

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