Florence Electric provides its customers with a One-Stop-Shop that will adeptly meet their needs. We thrive to fulfill our customer’s end-to-end building technology needs.

  • Consulting

    Florence Electric provides the consultation that our customers need to build a customized solution.

  • Electrical Engineering

    We can install any electrical system and engineer the most efficient lighting and power plans for all of your needs.

  • Electrical Installation

    Performance and quality are expected. Exceeding your expectations is what we do.

  • Energy Conservation Audits

    We know how to find ways to save you from wasting energy…and money.

  • Infrared and Power Quality Testing

    A process that save you serious money in the long run, while also giving you that peace of mind that everything is safe.

  • Maintenance

    From scheduled maintenance to emergency service, our team is always at your fingertips.

  • Photovoltaic and Wind Energy Systems

    We have the experience necessary to exceed your photovoltaic and wind energy installation needs.